Strength conditioning Recovery poster

Elite Fall Performance Training Academy 


This all inclusive program focuses on developing the complete athlete. Open to athletes in all sports, in-season and offseason.



Speed/Agility/Quickness *(Winter/Spring/Summer Academy)*

Elite coaches will teach you proper sprint mechanics to help you run faster. We will also teach you proper deceleration mechanics to improve your quickness and agility.


Strength and Conditioning

Elite coaches will teach you proper lifting form and technique to help maximize strength gains and reduce likelihood of injury. Each athlete receives their own customized training plan to help them become stronger and faster! No cookie cutter "workouts". 



We teach you how to turn your newly discovered strength into power. This translates to more efficient and explosive movements on the field/court. 


For optimal performance, recovery must be made a priority in any training program. Elite coaches will help you recover just as hard as you train! Yoga, Percussion Therapy, Assisted Stretching and Active Release Therapy are just some of the tools we use to help keep you peak performance ready!



After training with Elite Performance Training Systems, there's no doubt that you will be ready to dominate the competition!