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Elite performance training systems offers a wide array of programs to fit the needs of each individual athlete or personal fitness goals. 


We offer the following programs:

Adult Fitness
Sports Performance

Sports Performance


Speed, Agility and Quickness (SAQ)

What is speed and agility training?


Today’s sports performance industry is filled with coaches who deliver false promises of making athletes faster and quicker by using a variety of drills, cones, bands, ladders etc. While the aforementioned are great tools that can be used as a part of a speed and agility program, using them alone will not result in improved speed and agility. Before we go any further, let’s look at the the definitions of Speed and Agility:


Speed is defined as the rate at which someone or something is able to move or operate. Scientifically defined as distance over time. 


Agility is defined as the ability to accelerate, decelerate, stabilize and quickly change direction with proper posture. 


Speed and agility training is not a lot of hard intense sprinting and running with minimal recovery. It’s not a bunch of cone drills, ladder drills or fancy bands. 


What speed and agility training is: drills that have specific work-to-rest times and maximal effort. Designed to work on one or two elements at a time. Such as:

  • Lateral (side-to-side speed) = shuffling

  • Linear (straight ahead) = sprinting

  • Change of direction (moving in various planes of motion) = changing levels and angle

  • Deceleration/acceleration = starting and stopping


Speed and agility training is most effective when prescribed in conjunction with a Strength and Conditioning program. The athlete who is able to produce and absorb force efficiently is often the athlete who’s able to accelerate, decelerate and change direction efficiently. 


Our Elite approach to speed and agility


Our approach to developing Speed and Agility starts in the weight room. Developing the athletes ability to optimally produce and absorb force is an ongoing practice. Once those abilities are developed, we introduce the athletes to specific mechanics and body positions that will allow them to optimally apply force in the proper direction for acceleration or absorb force efficiently for deceleration/change of direction.

Speed and agility training poster

ELITE Off-season Football Academy Application

Football academy application info

14-week strength and conditioning program specifically for football athletes. This program is designed to improve the following:

  • explosiveness

  • 1st step quickness

  • position specific skills

  • agility and change of direction

  • strength and conditioning

  • linear speed

  • flexibility

  • mobility


We offer two age groups developmental and Elite 

Developmental (grades 8–9)

Program designed for inexperienced lifters/young athletes. We will teach and/or reinforce proper lifting form and techniques with an emphasis on movement mastery and prepartion for high school weight training.

Elite (grades 10–12)

Program designed for experienced lifters and varsity level athletes. Reinforcement of movement mastery and proper lifting techniques. This is a college level strength and conditioning program that will have your athlete ready to compete at an ELITE level.

New Jersey football academy poster

Elite Performance Combine Series: Combines and Evaluation Camps

The premier high school multi-sport combine evaluation series in the nation.The premier high school multi-sport combine evaluation series in the nation.

Coming soon...

Elite trainers in sprint position

NFL combine prep

Since 2013 our NFL Combine/Pro Day prep program has produced amazing results. We believe that this repeated success is a direct result of our great trainers, coaches and our small class size. By keeping the average class size between 6-8 athletes, we are able to provide an individualized approach to each participants needs.


Here’s what prospects can expect:

  • Speed training to develop proper technique for the 40-yard dash, L-Drill, and 5/10/5 agility shuttle. 

  • Power training to maximize results of 225 bench press test, broad jump, and vertical jump. 

  • Former NFL coaches and players to teach the position-specific drills at the combine and pro day in addition to techniques to succeed at the pro level. 

  • Physical Therapy services to help treat pre-existing injuries and decrease aches, pains and injury risk. 

  • Nutrition services (pre and post training supplements and/or meal prep) 

  • Sports Psychologist to help with wonderlic test and interview prep. 

  • Housing and transportation 


We offer a variety of training packages ranging from just training to full service which includes training, housing, nutrition, physical therapy and sports psychology. 


Average combine/pro day prep results:  


Broad Jump:



Vertical Jump:



40yd Dash:

-.23 sec


5/10/5 Agility:

-.40 sec


L Drill:

-.66 sec

Email for pricing and training schedule.

NFL Combine Prep
Professional athlete working out
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