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Preparation is our first pillar to achieving top athletic performance for any level. We use some of the World’s Leading Athletic Performance Training Equipment to prepare and analyze each individual's human movement. We've invested in tools that invest in you, including Force plates & Human Movement Analysis: and the inbody scale used for body composition analysis:

Athlete Performance Testing System


 Human Movement Analysis 

As a part of your initial athlete screen, we capture biomechanical and human movement data to create an individualized training plan that will correct and strengthen your imbalances and deficiencies. This valuable information can also be used to monitor progress while rehabilitating from injuries. For more information on Technologoy for Athletic Speed Development, where Jeremy Campbell contributes blog posts visit 

 Force Plate Analysis 

You might ask yourself, what is force plate analysis? In general, force plates are simply a few square meters of measuring ground reaction forces. They are mainly useful for vertical jumping and sometimes sampling a running step if integrated into a high-speed treadmill. At Elite® Performance Training Systems we leverage data collected from individual athletes and prepare a strategy uniquely designed to achieve optimal performance using tools from


If you follow the latest innovations in sports performance, you have seen the use of force plates moving from the research world to professional teams and colleges. Force plate analysis is used to decode what causes injuries and what holds the key to improved performance using scientific and biomechanical force measurements specific to your individual physiology. We use force plates to examine the kinetic characteristics of an athlete's movement. The data obtained provides valuable information about the external forces involved in movement, which helps us quantitatively evaluate the execution of the athlete’s skill and/or physical development.


 Body Composition 

Body composition testing helps formulate a training program that builds muscle, lose fat, or both. With this information, we can establish a baseline, compare your lean and fat mass distribution to elite athletes in your sport (or age group for general fitness) then design an individualized program that will help you reach your goals more optimally. Preset follow up testing dates will ensure you’re making the progress you need to maximize performance.

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