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Sports Performance Training


Elite Performance offers training for:

To perform at the highest level, learn about what speed and agility training is and what are the benefits and purpose.

Man in sprinting position

Learn more about the importance of proper strength and conditioning training and what are the benefits and purpose.

General Fitness Programs

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Elite Fit, our adult general fitness program, was created for the everyday athlete who hates the normal monotonous gym scene. Whether it’s Private Training, Small-Group Training, or Group Fitness Classes, we provide the coaches, blueprint, and atmosphere that will motivate you to train and perform optimally to achieve results. 


Youth Athlete

Elite Performance is proud to be the home of today’s student athlete. We understand the busy schedules of today’s youth and the commitment it takes to be successful, both on and off the field. Keeping that in mind, we have created various sports performance programs which have been designed to be both efficient and effective in helping athletes reach their training and performance goals. EPTS offers Youth Performance Training designed for overall athletic development and learning as well as sport specific training. 

Soccer Practice

Youth athletes will learn:


  • What is Speed and Agility Training​​

  • What is Strength and Conditioning

  • Learn about Sport Specific Skills


Developmental Program
Ages 11-13 (Grades 6 - 8) Speed, Agility, & Strength: 

This Developmental program, designed specifically for ages 11-13, progresses to more athletic movement with increased emphasis of power and speed, in addition to age-appropriate weightlifting, and overall movement quality.

Contact us to inquire about Youth sports camps and clinics.

High School

Designed specifically for high school athletes, the Prep program continues the focus on the development of high-level power and strength by introducing Olympic lifts, with an emphasis on form and technique.  The speed and agility programming progresses to more technical teaching, focusing on the details imperative to optimal speed and agility development.

High school athletes will learn:


  • What is Speed and Agility Training​​

  • What is Strength and Conditioning

  • Learn about Sport Specific Skills

Prep Program
Ages 15-18 (Grades 9 - 12) Speed, Agility, & Strength: 

Contact us to inquire about Team sports camps and clinics.


Collegiate Athlete Training

Collegiate athletes typically train at Elite Performance during summer and winter breaks. By minimizing downtime while the athlete is away from their respective strength coaches, we can ensure that the athlete will return to campus ready to compete and perform at a high level.

Collegiate quarterback throwing footbal

Collegiate athletes will focus on:


  • Maintaining Speed and Agility​​

  • Continuing Strength and Conditioning

  • Sport Specific Skills​ & Drills to Enhance Performance

Contact us to inquire about collegiate individual and group training.

Pro Athlete Training

Professional and Olympic athletes in sports ranging from baseball, basketball, football, track and field and wrestling come to Elite Performance for our expert training and recovery.  Our 30,000 sq. ft facility along with our professional and knowledgeable staff provide todays pro and olympic athlete with all of the tools they need to compete at the highest levels on a consistent basis.


General Fitness Programs