Elite performance training systems offers a wide array of services to fit the needs of each individual athlete or personal fitness goals.  

Elite services offered

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 Private Performance Training 

Our most popular option for training. Available for General Fitness as well as Sports Performance. All clients are thoroughly evaluated by going through our extensive assessment process which includes a biomechanics movement screen, body composition screening, and performance testing if applicable. These 1-on-1 private training sessions take place during quieter hours at our facility, so they’re a good option for those who may have “gym-timidation” or prefer not to be in the normal busy weight room environment. Additionally, they may be a better fit for those who need to exercise at times when Elite Performance Training Systems may not be open for normal hours.


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 Small Group Training 

Elite Performance Training Systems 2nd most popular training option. Available for General Fitness as well as Sports Performance.  Although this is a semi private/small group setting, all participants must go through our individual assessment process prior to starting. We use the information gathered from the assessment to prepare 1 month of individualized training sessions. Following the assessment and creation of the individualized program, athletes execute their personalized training materials in a group setting. Our client-to-coach ratio is set at a maximum of 6:1 and new clients can expect the first couple of weeks of training with us to be extremely hands on with a great emphasis on teaching proper form and technique. 


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 One-time assessments and consultations 

We understand that training as a regular client at EPTS may not be financially or geographically feasible for many individuals, and with that in mind, our staff is available for one-time in-person consultations and assessment. These visits may include (but are certainly not limited to) movement assessments, body composition assessment, form/technique coaching, and program analysis. All individuals who visit for these consultations at Elite Performance Training Systems receive detailed, individualized feedback based on our team’s findings and, if desired, comprehensive programming offered at an additional cost.


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 Recovery: Manual Therapy/ Restorative Services 

Assisted Stretching, Massage Therapy, and Cupping services are  available (by appointment) on most days of the week, and many clients opt to get their soft tissue work on the same days as they strength train. Available services include deep-tissue massage, instrument-assisted soft-tissue mobilization, trigger-point therapy and percussion therapy. 


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 Nutrition consultations 

Sit down (in person or virtual) with our in house Nutritionist and go over current nutritional habits. We will help you to identify the steps you can take to improve your nutritional intake and outline useful meal-preparation tips.


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