The ELITE Performance training system produces the best in sports athletic performance, speed and agility training, and strength and conditioning in New Jersey. 


How can you improve your athletic performance and general fitness training? You Prepare, Perform, and Recover the ELITE way.


    Athlete Testing System

    Using human movement analysis, force plate analysis and body composition testing we prepare an individualized plan that is specific to your body needs and goals. We monitor progress, qualitatively...


    Sports Performance Training

    Specializing in youth athlete training, high school athlete training and collegiate and pro athlete training.  Teaching speed and agility, strength and conditioning, team training and sports specific skills for...


    Restorative Fitness

    Elite Performance Training System believes recovery is a key to achieving optimal athletic performance. Using techniques like restorative fitness, cold water immersion, compression therapy, physical and...


Awaken Your Inner Athlete.

What does it mean to train like an athlete? Athletes have determined objectives & goals and follow a specific plan to achieve them. When an athlete trains, the focus is not on aesthetics, rather, on improving athletic performance through increasing the efficiency and quality of movement. It involves speed and agility training, as well as, strength and conditioning training. Whether you’re competing at the professional, collegiate, or scholastic level, or you’re just someone wanting to stay fit and active, training like an athlete will benefit you.



General Fitness Training

We believe that if you have a body, you are an athlete. We also believe that every athlete needs to train as such. The days of “working out” are over. Elite Performance is committed to personal training each and every athlete to be the best version of themselves that they could possibly be. Our unique system of training combines customized body analysis, unique training designed to fit your needs and goals, and proper recovery planning. When combined, our training system is designed to awaken your inner athlete and ignite your desire to meet your overall health and fitness goals.​



We offer two types of membership categories. First, we offer basic memberships, which include Bronze, Silver, and Gold options designed to meet your fitness training goals and budget. Second, the Premium Elite Membership for the athlete looking to improve sport specific athletic performance, speed and agility or strength and conditioning.

Basic Memberships

Learn about our Bronze, Silver, and Gold memberships which are good for beginners to active athletes.

  • Back to Basics

    Initial wellness, training, and nutritional analysis. Member pricing on all services...

  • Track Progress

    Everything in Bronze plus monthly updates to Athlete Profile

  • Recovery Included

    All benefits of Bronze and Silver plus complimentary Recovery services and 50% off products...

Everything in Gold plus custom monthly training plan based off of your goals and fitness level. 

Premium Membership



Jeremy Campbell

Founder & President

Director of Athletic Performance & Development

Jeremy Campbell founded Elite Performance Training Systems in 2009 with the goal of creating the best athlete training facility where the modern athlete could prepare for competition at their highest level, both mentally and physically. He envisioned an environment that would help all athletes maximize their full performance potential in...

Recent blog posts


"Jeremy provided a thorough workout regimen and physical therapy program to help me regain my confidence and strength that was needed to prepare for the 2016 Brazil Olympics. I have trained with many world renown coaches and Jeremy is hands down one of the best. He has helped me regain my power, discipline, strength, flexibility, confidence and speed. I’m super excited about my upcoming season. Thank you for all your help and motivation!"

Melisa Barber

United States Sprinter | 3x World Champion | 3x United States Champion

"Jeremy Campbell is by far the best trainer in the state of New Jersey and one of the best trainers in the country. His multi sport training programs include sport specific skills set training, speed and agility and strength and conditioning. Jeremy has the rare ability to bring the best out his athletes, both mentally and physically. He strives to help each athlete reach their full potential by building character and leadership while holding them accountable for 100% effort in everything that they do."

Tim Thomas

15 Year NBA Veteran | Owner of New Jersey Express

"I have worked with many trainers over the years and Jeremy Campbell is one of the best. I came to Jeremy In my off season and wasn’t expecting to do much training. I was wrong, I thought I was still in great shape because my season just ended. I was in shape but there were certain weaknesses that Jeremy noticed immediately. He gave me specific exercises and drills to strengthen my weaknesses."

Miki Barber

United States 100m Sprinter | World Champion Olympian
NCAA Champion | 2015 USC Hall of Fame


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Jeremy Campbell

Founder/President Elite Performance Training Systems

Director of Athletic Performance & Development

175 Beaverbrook Rd.

Lincoln Park, NJ 07035

Tel: (866) 378-7229

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175 Beaverbrook Rd.

Lincoln Park, NJ 07035

Tel: (866) 378-7229

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